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What is
My Story?

Everyone has one,
here is mine :)

Just like my
Father & Grandfather..

I studied at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. This is where it all started.

I am a Computer Science Engineer from VIT Vellore

and it was in college that I discovered User Experience Design. This discovery led to some amazing opportunities.

Picture: Me and our Chancellor, G. Viswanathan

Starting out, I interned at Swiggy Design (twice)

I worked on some pretty interesting projects.

You can learn more about my experience from this interview

now I am working as a UX Designer at Zuddl

We host virtual events. The co-founders and I started out in June 2020 during the lockdown. We’ve been backed by YCombinator.

You check out our work at

Ah! Good to see you here.
This page is a quick of summary of what I’ve been upto. It’s pretty simple so if you wish to go into detail, check out my Youtube Channel and Podcast.

Introducing Zuddl, backed by YCombinator

I started designing the platform in June 2020, along with our co-founders Bharath & Vedha.


Ethics always
come first.

I consciously practice being real and ethical and choose to work with people who share the same values.

a lot of Details.

I feel really fullfilled when I am allowed to add in really fine details to my workwith genuine interest & emotion.

Internal World over External World.

I value happiness, health and strong relationships over material success and mere professional networking.


Ansh is a self-motivated designer, full of energy! His love and passion for his craft is evidently seen in all his work, be it UX Design, podcasting or Video making -- Ansh simply nails it.

Saptarshi Prakash, Design Manager, Swiggy

generalists will rule the world – and ansh is one of the most creative generalists I know. watch out for this guy 👀

Abhinav Chhikara, Founder, 10kdesigners

Ansh has been one of the most energetic and technically proficient people I've worked with. He can see through multiple layers in his work. His ability to practice extreme precision has helped us craft Zuddl's best experiences

Bharath Varma, CEO & Co-Founder, Zuddl

Ansh joined us at a very early stage and it was an absolute joy working with him. He has been a major source of support throughout the process of designing Zuddl from scratch

Vedha Sayyaparaju, Co-Founder & CTO at Zuddl

Ansh is an amazing Designer. His creative flow of energy and his passion for his work bares itself in everything he does. His inspiration matches his expression.

Lata Vaidyanathan,
former Principal, Modern School Barakhamba Road

What's My Story? | Ansh Mehra |
Engineer turned UX Designer


I am really interested in discussing books, movies, philosophy and pets so if you like any one of those, we'll be good to go.